When we travel we sort of prepare ourselves to see different things and to change the way to see the world a little.Well, if the trip is all about understanding a little more about this story of how to see the world...

San Francisco is a multicolored, multicultural city. It is multiple in so many ways that we can feel its transforming vocation in the air.And it was by breathing the air of San Francisco that our ideas also multiplied.It was the perfect opportunity to learn, get to know people, businesses, brands which work and think differently. And that was the opportunity to see how all that works in this world and time in which change is not a surprise – it is nearly a rule.How can we understand this world, this huge load of information that is around, these people (I, you, and everybody)?And furthermore, how to use all that to create and improve incredible businesses?

If businesses are changing so is the way to understand them. And that is why we dive into it, we always want to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Understanding how businesses, brands, companies, managers, strategy, knowledge – and mainly the use of it – are changing, so that we are able to understand how Sugarpedia is part of the whole nine yards.

If businesses are changing it is because there are more and more different looks at the same old things. Nowadays the ways to access, generate and work information are as diverse as our imagination to conceive it.Ways which go beyond traditional surveys, beyond talk and beyond the obvious. Products and brand management cascades into bolder approaches, in fail fast, in more than attentive eyes and ears. Behavioral trends are renewed; different people, different management..... It is crystal clear that knowledge generation had to move along in a different way.

In such scenario trying to understand the new in a conservative way only, simply does not work. At the same time, ignoring already built knowledge is to shut your eyes to precious information wealth.That is why we believe in everything that is new and fits perfectly in what we want to know - and also believe in history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology..... After all, our world has been changing since ever.


Each emphasis, each thought is like a ray of light which creates a new stimulus for our eyes. That is why our look is different–we have the sensitivity to respond to the most different stimuli. And more importantly within this process of investigation, curiosity, interpretation, understanding, only one thing is for sure: there is no right or wrong, there is choice – and of course there are the limes we will use to make a terrific lemonade.